Rhonda Hamall is a wellness advocate who understands that health and wellness are fundamentally important in our everyday lives. With a foundational knowledge about health issues affecting people, she is able to listen to concerns, communicate basic information about wellness, and help people on their healing journey. Wellness Advocates, even in a small way, can impact the health of their peers in regards to the many wellness areas that influence our daily lives.  





Rhonda’s natural solutions journey began in 2004 when one of her children was experiencing some health challenges that mystified experts in their field. This journey also included removing toxic chemicals from her home, as well as following a gluten-free lifestyle. These changes showed significant positive results.


In 2016, she was introduced to essential oils and it completely enhanced the lifestyle they were already living. Essential oils don’t just smell good. They can help with emotional issues, feeling of distress, green cleaning, cooking, and overall quality of life.


Contact Rhonda today for a personalized healing conference for your family. There is an alternative. 


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